Car Comfort Shop – Our Story

After working in the car soundproofing industry for 6 years, we thought that it was time for a change.
For all the success that we experienced in the field, every time we sold and distributed our products, we could not help but ask ourselves questions such as,

  • Are you making an informed choice to buy our product – are you fully aware of its benefits?
  • Are you buying the right product for your specific needs and wants?
  • Have you installed the product correctly and are you using it to its maximum potential?

Car Comfort Shop was established in early 2015 to combat these uncertainties, by being more than just a soundproofing product manufacturer or distributor.

Instead, we take a three-pronged approach: We Curate, We Customize, and We Service.


We Curate Information & Knowledge

In recent years, the soundproofing product industry has exploded. As a result, you often encounter huge swathes of testimonies, claims and statistics that you have to sift through before settling on a company or product.

At Car Comfort Shop, we have already collected much of the information that is out there. Beyond that, we are curating all this information, by picking the most reliable data and most relevant facts, and turning it into knowledge that customers can equip themselves with.

The knowledge that we have curated (about the effects of noise, how we can minimize, which products best achieve this, etc.) comes from both scientific studies done in either laboratories or out in the field, as well as stories of what past customers have recounted to us about what works and what does not.

We constantly grow our knowledge base, and transmit it to our customers through accessible forms of media such as blog posts, so that you can make informed choices for yourself and never feel tricked or pressured into buying something you do not recognize the full merit of.

We Customize According to Your Preferences

We understand that not every customer is going to be looking for the same thing, and we will constantly diversify our solutions so that we will have the right products and services for any model of car, or to fit any specifications from the you.

Our communication with you will also never be misused. When buying products in car soundproofing industry, answers can get extremely technical. We avoid overly technical terms, and focus on showing you results you can understand and trust.

Communication is of course, a two-way process, and we pay heavy attention to customer feedback. At our flagship stores in Malaysia, we are constantly asking our customers for their opinions on our services and products, and we are proud to say that we have received nothing but praise this far.

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We Service Your Every Need

Car Comfort Shop is above all a service-driven enterprise. We have taken a large amount of time to take the hassle out of your life and provide you only with the final results of high quality soundproofing for your car:

  • We tested a large amount of materials in the market and chose the best manufacturers that provide the highest quality and consistency of products
  • We have trained our installers to be the top experts in the field on installation work for your car
  • We have tested each area of the car to identify specific requirements for each area
  • We have created complete solutions that have the right materials in right amounts for each part of your car

You no longer have to sift through a large amount of information and filter out what is the best, we have already done all that work for you, all you have to do is to decide on what would you like out of the list of our solutions or if you have something very specific in mind – do let us know, and we will design a solution specific for you!