Blocking out the Noise

One of the first things you look forward to coming out of the office is the drive home. Whether it’s twenty minutes or ninety, you are unreachable. You are completely in control of your environment. During this blessed time, there’s no music you don’t want, no interruptions to deal with, nothing. Except for the noise, road noise is forever present while you drive. In spite of our best attempts to eliminate the cause of road noise, as yet we have be successful. If we cannot eliminate the source of the noise, we need to insulate against it. Soundproofing your car may seem a daunting task, however it’s easier than you think, and the benefits far outweigh the costs. Once a car is soundproofed, you will notice emotional benefits, physical benefits, and financial benefits. In the long run, soundproofing your car isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential.

Driving away the blues.

The emotional impact of sound pollution is becoming more and more apparent in the 21st century. What was once seen as a simple annoyance, is now understood to have damaging, and long-lasting effects on drivers. High levels of sound in the car is not just annoying. Extreme sound levels have been shown to contribute to lack of sleep, depression, and anxiety. Soundproofing your car will insulate you against excessive road noise. Reduced stress leads to a higher quality of life. If your stress is reduced, you have more to an energy to focus on what needs to be done in your day. Reduced stress leads to improved home lives, more efficient workplaces, and better overall quality of life. Reduced noise levels also affect sleep patterns, as high noise levels reduce the quality of sleep a person receives. No one sleeps well in noisy environments. But extreme noise will also affect your sleep long after you stop driving.  Any reduction in noise levels increases the energy individual has to perform daily tasks.

Taking the Brunt of the Accident

Soundproofing a vehicle does more than reduce sound pollution. The 21st century has been defined by efficient cars. The higher the miles per gallon, the lighter the car has to be. Steel frames are being replaced with aluminum, and components that used to be metal are now being cast from plastic. This improves gas mileage, but also weakens the structure of the vehicle. Soundproofing will add some weight to your vehicle, but will also add increased protection in the event of a crash. Even the most careful drivers are going to have an accident sometime during the life of the vehicle. Even fender bender’s can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to replace. That’s where our soundproofing system comes in. While no system is perfect, adding soundproofing to will reinforce the structural integrity of the vehicle, while also helping prevent damage from dings, and dents.

Financially, is it worth the cost?

Soundproofing your car may seem like another unnecessary expense, an aftermarket add-on with no real significant value. That is not the case. Even in the addition of the least amount of soundproofing will impact your financial status for the good. Soundproofed cars insulate against external noise, but will also help regulate and maintain the internal atmosphere your vehicle. Depending on where you live, heating and cooling is a major tax on your vehicle’s energy usage. A well-insulated vehicle doesn’t need to use as much energy maintaining proper temperature, and soundproofing will help with that. Soundproofed vehicles also allow for a peaceful ride. This means your morning commute will be defined by your favorite music, and not the blaring horn behind you. You can wake up to the smell of coffee, and not the exhaust. The soundproofed vehicle is an investment in quality of life, as much as it is in the value of your car. The soundproofed vehicle has a higher resale value overall than one that has been soundproofed. Your investment will help maintain the quality of the vehicle over time, thus ensuring a higher resale value, or longer drive time on the roads and highways.

Is soundproofing right for you

While the initial investment may be a bit startling, it’s important to do your research. If you spend a lot of time in your car, you are going to school, or work, then soundproofing it might be a good idea. if you enjoy the grinding gears, and engine roar of highway traffic, and the inability to think or focus, then maybe you can give it a pass. However, If you enjoy being able to hear yourself think while you’re sitting in traffic, or you will like to relax on the drive home from work, then soundproofing your vehicle isn’t just an investment, it’s a priority.

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