Too Much Noise

It’s no secret that the world is noisy place. Commuters stuck in everyday traffic dream of a time when they can escape to the quiet of the countryside. However, what many people do not realize is the very real physical, mental, and emotional stress that constant noise creates. The noise pollution in the 21st century created by traffic, cities, and many other sources, contributes to the cacophony that surrounds us every day. The constant drumbeat of society isn’t just annoying, it can actually be harmful. The effects of noise on children, students, and workers has been well documented, and needs to be relieved.

How noise effects humanity.

According to the World Health Organization, the human body requires less than 30 dB of ambient sound in order to get a good night sleep. During waking hours, 35 dB or lower is required in classrooms, and on average less than 50 in the workplace. For real comparison, 30 dB is about the same level as walking through rustling leaves. 40 dB is listening to a refrigerator home. The loudest at 50 dB is approximately the same level of intensity as the average floor fan. According to the WHO, the ideal work environment, or even living environment, is much quieter than average citizen expects. In the same study, the WHO discovered that residents of the EU were routinely exposed to noise levels exceeding 55 dB. They were exposed to that noise level on the road, before they even arrived at the workplace. Exposure to extreme sound can have deleterious effects on a person. Those effects do not stop instantly if the sound is removed.

Noisy from kids is ok, Noise to kids, not so much.

The WHO recommends low noise levels for developing children. Anything over 30 decibles, approximately rustling leaves, can affect children over the long term. Televisions should be kept quiet. Music needs to be low, as to not damage hearing. There have also been studies that link noise pollution level and cognitive development. With more and more time being spent in the car, they are becoming increasingly like miniature houses. This means that road noise, accidental noise pollution, can still effect childhood development. In order to ensure maximum protection, soundproofing your car may be an option you want to consider. It’s not just home noise, either. Noise can be just as detrimental in the school.

Noise in school, High decibels equal lower test scores.

The WHO has study conducted many studies regarding noise and distractions in the classroom, and cognitive performance. These studies have shown that high levels of noise in the classroom not only cost distractions, but also can cause cognitive performance issues. In a landmark study from NCBI, they compared two schools. These schools were similar in every way, education level, economic, the qualifications of the teachers. However, one was in a quiet area, and one was within earshot of a highway. Because the distractions and noise from the highway, the noisy school performed less well than the quiet partner. The benefits of silence do not stop in the school yard. Silence in the workplace is equally as important.

All is quiet in accounting

Workplace distractions can cause a myriad of problems. Too much ambient sound can cause anxiety, depression, and irritability. Especially for workers, the commute can be just as important as the arrival. Noise affects workers no matter where they are, and if the road noise is too high, then employees will already be wound up by the time they arrive at the office. In order to ensure quality work environment, for workers or students, then soundproofing your car might be a good option.

Why soundproof your car?

Soundproofing your car enables you to create a peaceful environment for your commute. While the hum of the open road can be alluring, there is too much of a good thing. Soundproofing your car puts you in control of your environment. Outside your vehicle is a raging storm of sounds and distractions, but inside is as peaceful as a summer breeze. A soundproof car gives you the peace of your own thoughts, without sacrificing your wallet.

Noise pollution is one of the greatest unaddressed problems in the 21st century. It’s unlikely that the sources of the noise are going to go away. It’s important to shield yourself from unwanted noise. Soundproofing your car is a viable option to shield yourself. Soundproofing, done right, allows for maximum comfort with minimal performance lost. More than anything, it saves your sanity, your grades, and gives a bit more peace of mind.

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