How to Protect your Kids from Traffic Noise?

Traffic Noise increases our risks for stress and major illnesses

Life is the most special and greatest form of blessing we have received. With this, the number one responsibility of a parent, is to take care and protect their kids from all types of harm. In reality, the most perfect example of harm we experience every day is, pollution. No one is excluded from this issue, but we can always do something about it.

Air, water, and noise – are just some of the typical and most known types of pollution we experience everyday. Mostly, kids nowadays, tend to dislike and feel discomfort hearing loud noises. Experiencing traffic and the noise that comes with it, are just a not-so-good combo, especially if you are with your kids. So, we have summed up some ways for you that might be useful!

Kids are more prone to traffic noise resulting to irritability and stress

Make them aware.

Give information or some easy to understand trivia about noises and its harmful effects, it’s all here on the internet anyways right? Being aware of issues and harms is one of the key responsibilities as parents. Knowingly, kids always have the most creative ways of solving things…with this, they may even come up with some fun solutions to the noise they experience.

Common Outdoor and Indoor Noises in Decibels.
Noises around 85 decibels can cause permanent in our hearing by damaging our inner ear hair cells. Source: DangerousDecibels.org

Quick fact: Even the low-level but chronic noise of everyday local traffic can cause stress in children and raise blood pressure, heart rates and levels of stress hormones, reports a new study by a Cornell University environmental psychologist and his European co-authors. (Cornell University. “Researchers Find Everyday Traffic Noise Harms The Health And Well-Being Of Children.” ScienceDaily, 23 May 2001)

Distract them.

If you have a portable DVD player, why not let them watch their favorite cartoon shows? Or might as well, play a song wherein you can jam together. Fight the sound of loud horns, annoying machines and the like by singing as one! Make it a good time, despite the bad traffic while you’re all in the car.


Use earbuds.

Who doesn’t love a quiet moment especially when you are tired? Usually, kids want to take naps during road trips, so it’s better to make them feel comfortable and at rest. Whatever your answer is to the traffic noises we get to experience every day, make sure it will also help your kids be comfortable and understand why such things happen. Also, don’t fail to be aware of the brighter side and the creative solutions already available for your family to always have a pleasant and smooth trip.